Five Star Feminism Finds

Whether you are an avid feminist reader, a fiction lover looking for something a little different, or a new comer to reading, my five star feminism finds are just what you need. The years I have dedicated to reading and researching the feminist movement, women’s rights, women’s health and gendered linguistics, have exposed me toContinue reading “Five Star Feminism Finds”

‘Not All Men’ But ALL Women

T/W assault, violence. I feel so helpless, so sad and frustrated. I barely slept last night. Thinking about those final hours of Sarah’s life. I just cannot stay silent. The ‘#not all …(insert non oppressed group here)….’ narrative has been bopping about in numerous places over the past couple of years and at first IContinue reading “‘Not All Men’ But ALL Women”

The other Virus: Fake News and Sensationalised Journalism

Whether it’s Covid-19 being developed in a lab or the rollout of 5G being the culprit, it is safe to say we have all absorbed our fair share of fake news and sensationalised journalism in the past year. But what happens when the press cross the line? Their job and obligation is to inform theContinue reading “The other Virus: Fake News and Sensationalised Journalism”

Why MLMs are a feminist issue

If you are or ever have been online before in your entire life, you are probably be no stranger to the sea of boss babe recruiters who participate in multi-level marketing. You may not even know it. If you have heard of brands such as Arbonne, Younique, Herbalife, Juice Plus, NuSkin or the many otherContinue reading “Why MLMs are a feminist issue”

Finding Feminism

Contrary to popular belief, I have not always been the annoying, politically correct, grammar police individual that I am today. And honestly it hasn’t been plain sailing arriving here. If you find yourself even the slightest bit interested in the women’s movement/ it’s correlation with language, you are in the right place! As a childContinue reading “Finding Feminism”

The Toxic Diet Industry Exposed by a Nutritionist and a Linguist

I was watching TV with my mum the other day, when an advert for a weight loss supplement came on. My mum, who like me was demolishing a bag of chocolate buttons, said ‘don’t these adverts make you feel awful.’ I agreed, and wanted to look into how they make you feel so bad aboutContinue reading “The Toxic Diet Industry Exposed by a Nutritionist and a Linguist”

5 Female Influencers you Need on your IG

@jessylaw Jessica Lawrence has not only just had a piece published in BRITISH VOGUE, she is also one of my all time favourite fashion influencers. Jessy mixes trendy streetwear and the most exclusive sneaker releases to create unique content. She is also a huge fan of 90s vintage fashion, especially Nike! Her style is trulyContinue reading “5 Female Influencers you Need on your IG”

Feminism Is Ruining My Life

My relationship with feminism has been a mixture of passion, love and confusion. It was only when I reached university that I really started to research and read about feminism, and it opened my eyes to the horrors that have passed and the struggle that is yet to come. As I became more passionate aboutContinue reading “Feminism Is Ruining My Life”

Are We Over Feminism?

Ever since the word feminism became apparent in my vocabulary, I have been exposed to the amazing things which the movement has done for myself, my friends and womxn across the globe. However, I have also noticed the hatred which attaches itself to the word for many individuals. Showing an interest in feminism can landContinue reading “Are We Over Feminism?”