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The Breakup Monologues

The Breakup Monologues 💔 by Rosie Wilby. I have been through a few break ups, which have all been so so different. Rosie Wilby uses her own experience, the stories of others and academia to navigate all kinds of breakups which we go through. Wilby is honest, open, vulnerable and quite hilarious as she takesContinue reading “The Breakup Monologues”

Our Trip to London

A rather ‘tame’ trip for me and my other half was our summer trip to London! My partner’s first time in the capital unfortunately was not as wild as we wanted, as I have been recovering from surgery, but we still went all out to enjoy our five day break. We managed to get trainsContinue reading “Our Trip to London”

‘a cult is like porn: you know it when you hear it’

Recently I have found myself increasingly interested in the language used by ‘culty’ people and establishments: so much so that I have been throwing the word ‘cult’ around haphazardly. For instance, watching my mum scan every goddamn thing she puts in her shopping trolly to check the ‘syns’ (not to be confused with ‘sins’ whichContinue reading “‘a cult is like porn: you know it when you hear it’”


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