Are We Over Feminism?

Ever since the word feminism became apparent in my vocabulary, I have been exposed to the amazing things which the movement has done for myself, my friends and womxn across the globe. However, I have also noticed the hatred which attaches itself to the word for many individuals. Showing an interest in feminism can landContinue reading “Are We Over Feminism?”

Kehlani’s ‘Can I’ Video, OnlyFans and Megan Thee Stallion ft Beyoncé

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of RnB singer Kehlani who was born in Oakland, California. She pushes social boundaries in her music and her personal life. She is openly bisexual and writes some explicit songs about sex, gun and gang violence when she was a child and toxic relationships.  HerContinue reading “Kehlani’s ‘Can I’ Video, OnlyFans and Megan Thee Stallion ft Beyoncé”

Feminism Almost Ruined Everything

My relationship with feminism has been a mixture of passion, love and confusion. It was only when I reached university that I really started to research and read about feminism, and it opened my eyes to the horrors that have passed and the struggle that is yet to come. As I became more passionate aboutContinue reading “Feminism Almost Ruined Everything”