The Breakup Monologues

The Breakup Monologues 💔 by Rosie Wilby.

I have been through a few break ups, which have all been so so different. Rosie Wilby uses her own experience, the stories of others and academia to navigate all kinds of breakups which we go through.

Wilby is honest, open, vulnerable and quite hilarious as she takes us on a journey through her exes and how she ended up with the girlfriend she hopes to stay with. She explains the scientific reasons behind breakups and why relationships break down – which was eyeopening. It often had me saying ‘ah yes’ as I remembered my past relationships.

I wasn’t going through a breakup when I started reading this book and found it incredibly interesting; seeing many traits of myself, my present and past parters in Rosie’s and other people’s break up stories. However, 3 days into my new book, I found myself going through a breakup myself. I can honestly say this booked helped me understand what me and my partner … ex partner? (Oh christ I don’t like typing that) were and are going through; it showed me that all the feelings I was and am experiencing are normal.

As I found myself in a position I never thought I’d be in, I decided to persevere with the book, even though it hurts to even read the title. As I go through every emotion from anger to self-hatred, one quote really stands out to me from Rosie’s book ‘far from being failures at love, they might have been successes at learning’ (page 129). I absolutely LOVE this quote! This book teaches us that breakups do not have to be negative things. Sometimes they can be huge learning curves where we learn about ourselves, our reactions and what we want from this life – even if they are utterly painful.

I knew Rosie Wilby was in a relationship with a woman as I found her book on a lesbian magazine group on Facebook. However, I never expected to feel such a way reading about lesbian relationships and breakups. I have never read a book which represents the lesbian community, my community, so well – because lesbian dating is not the same as heterosexual dating, or gay male dating. And having something to relate to has been a great feeling while I have been surrounded by my straight friends and family. Sometimes they just don’t understand things a gay girl would. But I imagine a straight person could gain a lot from this book too!

Overall this book completely blew me away. I had no idea what to expect, as I knew Rosie did a podcast about breakups, but I wasn’t expecting such an interesting, hilarious book which actually made me reflect on my own behaviour. It isn’t often that I stay up past 10 but I could not put this book down. I can tell Rosie has put so much effort, research and skill into this book and it has totally payed off.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 start from me, obvs!

I look forward to whatever wonderful things Rosie Wilby decides to do next & I will fully support her upcoming projects 👏🏻

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