5 Female Influencers you Need on your IG



Jessica Lawrence has not only just had a piece published in BRITISH VOGUE, she is also one of my all time favourite fashion influencers. Jessy mixes trendy streetwear and the most exclusive sneaker releases to create unique content. She is also a huge fan of 90s vintage fashion, especially Nike! Her style is truly impeccable. Jessy’s piece in British Vogue aims to expose how the sneaker industry needs to be more inclusive to women, which is completely true! There have been so many occasions I’ve tried to get new trainer releases only to find the smallest size is 6 or 7! It is even worse when trying to cop new branded clothes to find you need the kids section! Embarrassing!

Check out her article here —– https://www.vogue.co.uk/fashion/article/female-sneaker-fans

And her instagram here —– https://www.instagram.com/jessylaw/



This account is one of my all time faves! German blogger, DJ and influencer Ina is a also an LGBTQIA ambassador, fighting for lesbian rights especially. Her latest venture has been regarding the amount of lesbian bars in Germany, suggesting they are underrepresented and uncatered for in the nightlife scene in Germany. I never actually thought of this, a lesbian bar would 10000% be somewhere I would visit! A safe space exclusively for womxn, sounds good to me! Ina may or may not have had an influence on my recent hair cut ……… okay she 100% did – she is an influencer after all!

Check out her website here —– https://wideawakearthquake.com

And her instagram here —– https://www.instagram.com/wideawakearthquake/



Ginney is another on of the best in the fashion/influencer game! She dresses down outfits with the latest sneaker releases and collabs with some of the biggest brands such as Nike, Patta and Yeezy. Before the pandemic hit she relocated to Bali but has come home for the lockdowns to The Netherlands, where she helps her mother with her Indonesian cooking business! Ginney serves the best looks and can pull off anything with her top game styling and photography. I also love to watch her IGTVs, where she discusses self-care, mental health and of course SHOES!

Check out her instagram here —– https://www.instagram.com/ginneynoa/



Teddy rose to fame from her first TV appearance on ITVs First Dates in December 2016 where she went on a date with a girl and definitely turned a few heads with her gorgeous face and equally great personality. Although the date didn’t work out, Teddy went on to create LICK EVENTS which is a club night with a strict ‘no cis men allowed’ policy – sounds like a dream to me. The club’s slogan is ‘For Womxn, By Womxn’ which I think is a much needed concept! This is a safe space for all womxn, regardless of their race, religion, sexuality or anything else, to have fun and meet new people. She was also nominated for a British LGBT award for her amazing work with LICK. I will definitely be making a trip to London to attend when restrictions are lifted! You may recognise her from a short romance with Love Island’s Megan Barton-Hanson too!

Check out her instagram here —– https://www.instagram.com/teddyedwardes/

And LICK EVENTS here —– https://www.instagram.com/lickevents/



Whether Rebecca Fox is argued to be an influencer or not, her IG account is another one of my faves. This tattooed, self confessed cat lover pushes social boundaries and posts some raunchy snaps – not that we are complaining! Rebecca uses her platform to showcase her two beautiful cats, perfect sunsets and of course, her amazing body! Her honesty about plastic surgery and getting naked in front of a camera for cash, is something I love about her! She is so proud of her body and encourages others to be too! Rebecca Fox featured as a model in Kanye’s Yeezy season 3 fashion show and rightly so, she is beautiful!

Check out her instagram here —– https://www.instagram.com/foxillaa/

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