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welcome to the female says, a blog / collection of ideas which is ever changing and adapting.

this blog is a portfolio of things which I have cared about, researched and found interesting.

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Why the Rainbow Poppy is Anti-Gay

For the past two years around Remembrance Day I have found myself extremely upset and frustrated at the relentless sharing of the rainbow poppy on social media. If you have been fortunate enough to have not come across the stupid creation, then here it is. This is an eBay listing from a random person in…

The Breakup Monologues

The Breakup Monologues 💔 by Rosie Wilby. I have been through a few break ups, which have all been so so different. Rosie Wilby uses her own experience, the stories of others and academia to navigate all kinds of breakups which we go through. Wilby is honest, open, vulnerable and quite hilarious as she takes…

‘a cult is like porn: you know it when you hear it’

Recently I have found myself increasingly interested in the language used by ‘culty’ people and establishments: so much so that I have been throwing the word ‘cult’ around haphazardly. For instance, watching my mum scan every goddamn thing she puts in her shopping trolly to check the ‘syns’ (not to be confused with ‘sins’ which…

meet me

Hello I’m Niamh. I am a blogger and recently published writer. I had my first chapter ‘Linguistics and the Feminist Label’ published by Badger and Seal in 2021. I am a bachelor of Linguistics and a fully qualified TEFL teacher. I identify as a lesbian and love my queer community. I love fashion, travel and learning. I like to read; reviews go on socials every so often. I currently work in golf club marketing and web development.

<— Here I am enjoying a daiquiri in sunny Prague in 2019.

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