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welcome to the female says, a blog / collection of ideas which is ever changing and adapting.

this blog is a portfolio of things which I have cared about, researched and found interesting.

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The Breakup Monologues

The Breakup Monologues 💔 by Rosie Wilby. I have been through a few break ups, which have all been so so different. Rosie Wilby uses her own experience, the stories of others and academia to navigate all kinds of breakups which we go through. Wilby is honest, open, vulnerable and quite hilarious as she takesContinue reading “The Breakup Monologues”

‘a cult is like porn: you know it when you hear it’

Recently I have found myself increasingly interested in the language used by ‘culty’ people and establishments: so much so that I have been throwing the word ‘cult’ around haphazardly. For instance, watching my mum scan every goddamn thing she puts in her shopping trolly to check the ‘syns’ (not to be confused with ‘sins’ whichContinue reading “‘a cult is like porn: you know it when you hear it’”

meet me

Hello I’m Niamh. I am a blogger and recently published writer. I had my first chapter ‘Linguistics and the Feminist Label’ published by Badger and Seal in 2021. I am a bachelor of Linguistics and a fully qualified TEFL teacher. I identify as a lesbian and love my queer community. I love fashion, travel and learning. I like to read; reviews go on socials every so often. I currently work in golf club marketing and web development.

<— Here I am enjoying a daiquiri in sunny Prague in 2019.

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“why the female says?”

After much thought and consideration, I arrived at the blog name ‘the female says’ as firstly, it rhymes with ‘the female gaze’ which I studied in school, college and university. The decision to use ‘says’ came from my degree – which is English. A huge part of English and language as a whole is communication. Speech and language is a huge interest of mine and since we are fighting for equality of the sexes, we must use our voices! We would not be able to use our voices without the brave and courageous women who used theirs first.

“why a blog?”

Since graduating uni in the shit show which was 2020, I felt so lost and almost as if I’d been separated from my identity. This potentially because I was no longer a student, but also because I wasn’t going straight into a grad job. I suddenly felt as if I had no reason to be passionate about feminism, academia and the women’s movement, because I had nothing that I had to do. I started this blog firstly to entertain myself, to get my thoughts down and to just see where it could go. I have days where I think why have I made a blog but it is something which helped me in many ways through lockdown and when the world went crazy. It gave me something to focus on! And still does to this day. I never could have imagined making new friends and being part of a blogging community but that makes me so glad I never stopped!

“where do you want to take the female says?”

This blog was never meant to be anything big or important but the more I think about how much I love doing it, the more I dream that this blog could take me and other creative females places! All I want to do is continue to read, research, write and take part in activism; I want this blog to be a safe space for not just my voice but many female voices to be amplified. The ultimate dream is to take ‘the female says’ far; I’ve had ideas and discussions about turning it into a magazine or a podcast. All I know is that whether it goes places or not, I will always love what I have created and continue to write about things that I love, things that I hate and things that need to change. I hope many of my amazing and supportive readers and friends will come along for the journey and see what we can achieve together.